My name is John and I’m the owner of OpenOpen (formally ArmorViewUK) and I install beautiful doors.

Front doors, Back doors, Garage doors, Security doors, Bespoke doors, Bi-Fold doors.

If it’s been properly installed, then it’s beautiful!


I’ve been in the window and door fitting trade for about 10 years and have worked for some of the big companies here in the south and they are all filled with problems and unhappy customers.


Well, like any big company in any trade, they are just after your money. I know that it’s a bit harsh to say and these companies have many happy customers but for those unhappy customers, it all boils down to the amount of staff.


Windows companies like Zenith, Everest, SafeStyle and Anglian to name but a few have a lot of people working for them and in my last year of working with one of them as a service engineer, I spoke to a lot of customers that found it impossible to get hold of anyone if they had any problems, the salesperson basically sold them products they didn’t really need, waiting weeks if not months for replacement parts and generally feeling ripped off!


As a service engineer, most of my time was putting right badly installed doors. So I decided to show them how it’s done properly and set up my own company and with just me in the company, it will be just me you would need to talk to. With just concentrating on installing beautiful door, I can keep the cost down by operating as a one man business. My overheads are low so my prices are low and I use some of the best products available/made in the UK.


Many thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to installing your new door.


The services that I provide are – 

Door installations with or without sidelights/topboxes or adjoining windows,

Including –

uPVC/Aluminium doors,
GRP/Solid Composite doors,
Stable doors,
Security doors,
Bespoke doors,
Bi-Fold doors,
French doors,
Patio doors.

Plus –
Door service calls,
Cat & Dog flap installations,
Sealed double glazed unit replacements.


Other information –

Public liability Insurance – Limit of indemnity: £2,000,000.00

You can also find me at –