These may well be the cheapest, 100% steel Garage doors, supplied and fitted in Hampshire.If you would like a no-obligation visit, then please give me a call on 07738355700 and thank you for visiting my website.

Please Note, I can keep my prices low because;

  • I supply 8 off the shelf sizes (no need for “made to measure” doors).
  • I supply a great looking simple 100% steel garage door in 2 colours.
  • My overheads are low, so my prices are low.

It’s that simple.

Other styles can be supplied and I also offer a fitting/installation service for customer supplied garage doors.

About the Up & Over Garage Door.

Up & Over doors are the most popular doors and for good reason. Easy to use and great value for money, they need very little maintenance and provide both clean looks and excellent practicality.

Please Note that most garage doors are sold in sizes of the opener and not the size of the door and frame together. Some garage door brands sell the frame separately and the size of the frame would need to be added before buying the right size garage door. This is why it’s worth getting it done by someone who knows what they are doing.

Up & Over Doors come in 2 gearing models, RetractableCanopy design.

Retractable gearing means the door panel opens on horizontal tracks which go back into the garage, and this type of gear has been designed specifically for use with an electric operator, which can be added in the future.

Canopy gearing means the door panel runs vertically on tracks on the side frame and a spring assembly on the top of the frame.

About the Up & Over Garage Door that I supply.

My Garage doors are 100% steel and come with a steel frame (not wood) for great security and performance. Your old door (if you have one) will be removed (along with its frame) and taken away to be recycled.

All of my doors come in a pre-hung factory finished steel fixing frame, which makes installation simple (within 2 to 3 hours) and eliminates the need for a timber frame.

All of my doors are corrosion resistant, manufactured from premium grade galvanized steel and finished in either white or black powder coating and come with a black euro D handle.

My doors are available in either retractable or canopy spring assisted gear systems for smooth, safe and reliable operation. Plus with high-security shoot bolts on the retractable doors and retention points on the canopy doors.

The Up & Over Garage Doors I prefer to supply and why.

I source my garage doors from Novoferm & Cardale at great prices and pass that on to my customers, along with friendly service and a years workmanship warranty.

To start off Novoferm and Cardale are part of the same company so either one will give you the same quality and security from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of garage door systems.

The style/design that I prefer to sell and install is the retractable model with the vertical line design in white or black.

So why this style and design?

  • I feel the retractable model has better security than the canopy model, it’s attached in all 4 corners by 2 metal arms and 2 roller wheels with no wires in sight (unlike the canopy model).
  • The retractable model has no need for safety locking hooks. These hooks will lock into a row of holes running down the frame of a canopy door to stop the door from closing/crashing down if the wires holding it up were to breaks because there are no wires on a retractable model.
  • The retractable model has 3 small spring on either side, so if 1 spring does break in the future, then you can remove 1 from the other side and even up the tension or buy a replacement (around £25).
  • The vertical line design helps stop mould and dirt settling on the whole of the door, this can’t be guaranteed but it will look cleaner than the horizontal design.
  • It’s cheaper and I feel it’s an all-round better model than the canopy.

So why do I sell Canopy models?

Canopy models are not asked for much because of the reasons above but if there is no room for the retractable frame (there are many reasons why there isn’t), then a canopy door will be the cheaper option compared to a roller door plus canopy doors do come in a smaller size than the retractable. 

Why off the shelf sizes?

Most garage door openings come close to 1 of 4  width sizes and 1 of 2 heights. Selling only standard door sizes helps to keep your cost down, rather than spending more on a “made to measure” door for the sake of a few inches.

Garage door frames can sit between the brickwork (within the opening) or behind the brickwork (set back from the opening). This gives you another 2 options for fitting the door.

Depending on the gap around the frame (within the opening), Packers will be used to give a secure fit and then trimmed over.

So what do you get for your money?

  • A 100% steel garage door in your choice of gearing and colour.
  • A matching steel frame.
  • Standard Euro Cylinder with 2 keys (optional upgrade)
  • Your old garage door (if there was one) removed from site.
  • Matching colour trims (if needed).
  • Weatherproof sealants (clear &/or white / clear &/or black).
  • Secure fixings.
  • Product guarantee (normally an online registration).
  • A years workmanship warranty.

Extra options.

I also can help and supply extras for your garage door and garage itself.

  • Personnel access doors.
  • Garage door block ups.
  • Replacement garage roof.
  • Weather brushes or rubber strip for the bottom of the door.
  • Weatherproof rubber threshold. 
  • Cylinder upgrade with extra keys or just extra keys.
  • Garage door defender lock.
  • Key safes.
  • Ground anchors (for locking up bikes).
  • Parking post.
  • Battery sensor lights for inside the garage.
  • Gutter, fascias and soffits around the garage.
  • Wall spikes.


Standard garage doors come in 2 different height sizes and are measured in the opening (the door itself) only, with the size of the frame being added to the opener. The sizes are H6’6 (1981mm) & H7′ (2134mm).

The width is measured in the same way but comes in a few more sizes.

Retractable Model with vertical lines.

  • 7′ X 6’6 & 7′ X 7′ White or Black £498
  • 7’5 X 6’6 & 7’5 X 7′ White or Black £574
  • 7’6 X 6’6 & 7’6 X 7′ White or Black £598
  • 8 X 6’6 & 8 X 7′ White or Black £648

Retractable Model with horizontal lines.

  • 7′ X 6’6 & 7′ X 7′ White only £498

Canopy Model with vertical lines.

  • 7′ X 6’6 & 7′ X 7′ White only £548

Canopy Model with horizontal lines.

  • 7′ X 6’6 & 7′ X 7′ White only £548

Other styles can be supplied and I also offer a fitting/installation service for customer supplied garage doors.