MY T&C’s – General

MY T&C’s – General

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So now for the boring but important stuff, my Terms & Conditions.  –  I’ll try to keep this brief!

PLEASE NOTE – The person(s) buying the products are ‘The Customer(s)’ and ‘OpenOpen, OpenOpenUK, OpenOpen.UK’ or John Webster is selling and installing the product(s).

Payment –

Apart from a deposit, I will not ask you to pay the remaining balance until the job is 100% complete. I believe that trust works both ways! Once your installation is completed, payment can be made in cash or through a bank transfer up to seven days after.

PLEASE NOTE – A minimum of 50% deposit is required for all projects. No products will be ordered until the deposit has been received.

You will receive a receipt for your deposit and full payment.

If you had to wait for a replacement item (ie glass, handles), you are asked to pay within 48 hours of this remedial work if this work has been over 7 days of the initial completed work.

Installation –

Whichever room I am working in, in your home, may I please ask that there is enough room to work in and that there is room to get to the job in hand (inside & out). Please make sure that window boards are cleared and any blinds/nets are taken down (if you are able too).

Blinds, Curtains and Nets –

I will take no responsibility for any damage to blinds, curtains or nets, if asked to remove them or if I have to remove them because you were unable too. If net wires were attached to your old windows then I may replace them but be aware that your old wires may not reach depending on the new style of windows fitted or if trims and sealant have not gone off. This also goes for your blinds and curtains as they may not fit properly with your new windows.

Trims –

I try and use as little trim as possible but sometimes there’s no way around it and your new products may need a lot of trimming up but I will talk to you about this as close to the start of your install as possible.

Sand & Cement, Render, Pebble Dash and Plastering –

With any new install, sometimes old and weak render, plaster etc (especially in old buildings) can come loose. If this happens, I will repair with new render, pebble dash, plaster etc but this will be down to the customer to sand down and paint it if they so wish. 99% of the time it’s just the horns at the bottom of the outside door/window sill that needs repairing but there’s still that 1% chance that your install may need a bit more work.

Pets –

I will take no responsibility for your pets when working in your home. If you are OK with your cat walking outside an open front door then let me know but please could you keep any dogs out of my way as they tend to be more inquisitive and may get hurt.

Glass –

Because of the nature of the glass production process, glass surfaces free of any marks cannot be guaranteed. I will try my best to resolve any issues you have but the standards set out by The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) are final with the Window & Door factories. For more information on scratches, blisters and hairlines, click here.

Condensation –

Condensation is not caused by double glazing (although new windows can sometimes make a condensation problem worse, by cutting out draughts). You can have trickle vents added to any window (i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom) if you would like. For more information on condensation, click here.

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